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August 9
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Pay to Use - Female Pony Base #2 by MyLilAdoptables Pay to Use - Female Pony Base #2 by MyLilAdoptables
Hey all, here is another base to add to my p2u. This also occurred on the same day as the first one. I should draw ponies more often! I know I do a lot of basework to keep it consistent with my adoptables, but this has been a LOT of fun! :iconheartrollplz:

The price to purchase for use is 20 

These bases ARE Ms Paint friendly!
(Note: this base comes with each three types of ponies: Pegasus, Earth, Unicorn.)

- Please mention my username or credit me in your post! ( use :iconmyliladoptables: )
- Once you purchase, you can use as many times as you want!
- Please do not remove my signature from the base!
- Please link back after using! I would love to see your creations!
This base is meant to be use for adoptables, reference sheets, or customs ONLY! ( adoptables/customs - point or free, but not for money ones).
- Small changes to the base are acceptable, but nothing major is allowed!
- Do not resell the base!
- Do not  share the base with friends or anyone!

Enjoy! I hope to see some lovely art! ;w;
Base by Me :iconmyliladoptables:
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ButtNinjaAdopts Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
Bought <3
MyLilAdoptables Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist
Oh! Thank you so much for purchasing! ;v; Please remember to link back here! I would love to see how others use them!! <3
Themlplover Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Artist
um -raises hoof- why must we pay money to use a simple base so many people spend so much time on these and there free not even points i dont understand why we must pay money for somthing so simple
MyLilAdoptables Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist
Well, it's not uncommon for people to create bases of their own style and sell them. I imagine people charge mainly because of the concept is based on their own artwork. Instead of relying on a screen cap of the show's style or other things, it's like letting a person give into their own personal style where if this wasn't made, I'm sure a lot of people would be upset to see someone else using an exact replica of their own personal style. Say you drew a pose in a style differently from the show for a drawing of your pony just to draw. Then you found someone had gone over it and made a "base," if you will, for their own pony. Wouldn't that annoy you? It may seem to be in a simple style or simply created, but I don't feel like I'm asking for much. I've seen far higher priced bases and I did it in a style such as this to be more accessible to other artists who use ms paint. Even if it is simple, I still put plenty of effort into it and it has value and meaning to me. I respect your thoughts on the matter, but no one is asking you to pay.There are plenty of free bases out there. I myself even have free bases in my gallery and I'm always willing to take requests on bases based on the show into consideration.
Themlplover Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Artist
many people have made bases in there own style for free and i understand what your saying but to me idc if i make artwork and someone made a base out of it i would be glad someone likes my style or art and again i get what your saying but many people make there own style and bases for free even some commisionsfor this are free! ugh basically if they do make a base from my art i would ask them to put the original photo ect btw this is just cruel you want people to pay actull bank account money for a small simple base! thats cruel and i would never make a base for money unless it was a style and it toke a year this base looks like it toke a week and all people care about these days is money so unless you understand what im saying make this base free people dont deserve to give you there money they use to buy food and stuff its a week or 2 made base for money dont you get it its so simple i get your just another money person in this cruel world with people starving and begging for money most people dont even look at bases like these because they have to pay for them so just get what im saying here and make this free!
MyLilAdoptables Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist
I do not have to do anything I'm uncomfortable with, okay? Look, I'm happy you have your own bases or don't care if people take your art to make bases or whatever you may choose to do, but I am different from you. This is my art and even if it seems simplistic to you, I think that art can be simplistic.  There's nothing wrong with a minimalistic design, and simple art can still be very appealing. This is my base. I made it. I put it up. I decided what to price it what I feel it is worth.  If you don't want to pay for it, then don't.  If you think it should be free, then make your own bases in your style. You're not in the position to argue price.  You wouldn't walk into a grocery store and say, "this bag of chips is $2 but I don't think it's worth that price because *insert reasons* so I'm going to just take it."  That's stealing. Why would someone who is starving and begging be on here putting their money into points in the first place? That is such a ridiculous argument.. I'm only charging 20 points, that's not even a dollar, or near half. If people would actually waste their "bank account money" into points, then that's really sad they wouldn't be caring for their own family. If so many people have made their own style for free, then go use theirs. I'm not asking for your money. End of discussion.
DoodleBug-Adoptable Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Hello there, I'm Nemark. 

So I see you have a problem with the fact this base is P2U. I'm here to explain some fun facts to the ignorant, you. I'll put this in a sweet list, full of tips and reminders for those who don't know any better. 

1. Please, please, please buy a dictionary. You've spelled took wrong more than once.
2. Seriously, you are attacking my best friend about greed? Are you serious!? There are bases out there for 100+ points. So 20 points is very cheap.
3. She isn't asking for real money, so you must not understand what points are. 
4. BACK to the greedy thing. Seriously... greedy! You're being so, what's the word, horrible about this. If you don't want to pay, go away! Making people feel bad about work is so low. Stop picking on people to make you feel better about your work. I've looked at it, and if you want to talk about lack of effort. Ha...
5. So one more point out of the hundreds I have. Grow up. There are thousands of people (including myself) who make P2U bases. Honestly I think they make sense. I've bought P2U bases because i'm not cheap, and I understand peoples personal styles.

Ask yourself these questions about yourself:
Why am I only bullying her? What am I targeting her? Am I petty? Am I envious? Do I have serious problems? Should I just back off? 

If you answered yes to some of those, please just leave. 
I'm sorry if any of this offended you, but you don't seem to understand that you hurt her feelings. She has free bases, I have free bases, most base makers HAVE free bases. Some are in their own styles as well. Most of the time if you're nice and talk to these base makers kindly, they'll come up with something to help you. Please, just leave her alone. You are making a fool of yourself by attacking one of the sweetest people in the world.
Themlplover Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Artist
listen...your not gonna believe sister uses my deviant alot shes alot older and cares alot more for money and she doesnt like stupid stuff (witch she thinks this is) im sorry to bother you and trust me even she bullies me about my (so called by sister) lame art...i understand completly what your saying and im sorry about my lame 19 year old sister if you dont know yet im 15 and im sorry about this i would actully love to use this base but as of now i dont have any yea and i understand if you dont believe me its fine i get it but trust me my 19 year old sister loves trolling shell even make a video or 2 on youtube saying "tutorial on art" and its the troll song yea...not kidding there and again im sorry and i get if you dont believe me oh and btw i would love if you could adopt one of my adoptables im not that much of a hot shot on would help thx bai ill use this base when i get some points so bye! ^-^
MyLilAdoptables Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist
Thank you for using! They look wonderful! ;v;
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