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Pay to Use - Female Pony Base #1 by MyLilAdoptables Pay to Use - Female Pony Base #1 by MyLilAdoptables
Hello everyone! So while I was babysitting today I decided to draw some pretty ponies with crayons and construction paper ahaha. As one who rarely draws ponies in her own style, I was surprised how well they turned out! I decided I should turn them into a base so others can use them! I hope some of you will test them out and spread more pony art! ;v;

Also, no worries. I'm still working on my other requests in my spare time! This was just a side project to work on, but I have been rather busy lately so I apologize for  not releasing any adoptables lately.

The reason these are priced is because it is in my own style other than bases based off the show from screencaps and what not. I'm proud to say I didn't use ANY bases ^w^

The price to purchase for use is 20 :points:

These bases ARE Ms Paint friendly!
(Note: this base comes with each three types of ponies: Pegasus, Earth, Unicorn.)

- Please mention my username or credit me in your post! ( use :iconmyliladoptables: )
- Once you purchase, you can use as many times as you want!
- Please do not remove my signature from the base!
- Please link back after using! I would love to see your creations!
- This base is meant to be use for adoptables, reference sheets, or customs ONLY! ( adoptables/customs - point or free, but not for money ones).
- Small changes to the base are acceptable, but nothing major is allowed!
- Do not resell the base!
- Do not  share the base with friends or anyone!

I hope my rules are reasonable to you! I'm very excited to be creating one of these! ^w^
Base by Me :iconmyliladoptables:
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MyLilAdoptables Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist
I'm sorry? I don't quite understand what you're getting at. Once purchased, there are no words on the base. I am putting this as a p2u base since it is an original style and I worked hard on it. If you're suggesting people will go behind my back, edit the preview base until it is usable, and go behind my back to use it, I find that rather sickening. Also, one can get in trouble for using other people's works without permission. That's no different than taking original art and drawing over it. In regards to the no point thing, people make p2u bases all the time AND I have bases made that are free to use for people who have no points so I prefer if you would not leave such an ill-mannered comment on my deviations.
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August 9, 2014
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